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This reflects a gender stereotype.  Not only is it saying that only women cook, it is also saying that he is giving his wife a Kenwood Chef mixer. Some women enjoy getting things like mixers for an event but most women consider it as being a man wanting her to cook all the time. I enjoy cooking but would not be happy if all my husband gave me was cleaning and cooking supplies.  Women are not the only ones who cook. My dad was the main cook in my family and he did an amazing job at it. So it also gives a counter gender role. A lot  of chefs now a days are men. And the men do a awesome job. Just a good as cooks as women.

They show the man and women in this advertisement. They make it look like the man is main provider in the family with the suit on and the women is the at home provider with the chef hat. It also make it look like the women is happy to be the “chef” of the family. Back then that is how it was so she really may of been happy with doing that. Today a lot of women are also working to help provide for their families. Although some women still may love to cook, by the time they get home from work they are tired. It is most of the time expected to be a partnered thing with dinners.

Picture 2


This advertisement reflects a gender stereotype. It is simply stating that women can now open the ketchup container because it has a lift lid instead of a lid that turns. I think that is just silly. A lot of women could probably open the lid when it was a twist top and not a pop open lid.

It amazes me that they have her looking surprised like she is not for sure if she can even open the lid with the pop top. They have her wearing bright lipstick which to me draws my attention to her lips. They have her made up to look like really feminine. She has her hair, makeup, and nails done. With  he feminine look it is just making it more obvious that it is women who can now open the bottle.



Picture 3



This reflects a gender stereotype. It has always been a thing that women can not drive an automatic, or drive period,  so they made a a mini automatic for simple driving and put a women in the picture. Basically saying that it is simple enough for a women to drive it. In my experience, my mother and I have had no accidents and no tickets, whereas my father and my boyfriend have both been in accidents and both have had tickets.

They also portray this women as a dolled up, scared or ditsy women. She has her hair, makeup, and nails done. Has a ton of rings on. The expression on her face makes it look like she is either scared to drive an automatic or she has no idea what she is doing. There are a lot of women who know how to drive an automatic and do it well.


Picture 4


This counters a gender stereotype. It is an ad for nursing in Oregon. I think it is awesome that they have different types of men on their ad. This shows that just because a man wants to be a nurse does not make him feminine and it also shows that any type of man can be a nurse. It is usually the opposite for ads. Just showing women in the ads a as nurse or helping someone.

There are men dressed as a  snow boarder, motorcyclists, and karate. These are considered to be “manly” things to do, although women  can do them too. But being a nurse is considered feminine. Men who are nurses  can be any one of those things when he leaves work. It does not make them less manly because they are a nurse. It actually makes them more like a hero helping sick people.





This advertisement also counters a gender stereotype. This ad shows that Huggies has an extra absorbent diaper because it is put to the dad test. It basically says that most men do not change diapers very often so the more absorbent the diaper the better for the baby. It will not leak when the dad has not changed the child’s diaper in a long time.

Men are just as capable of changing diapers on time as women are. Actually, some men have to be. When a man is raising a child on his own, he is used to the regular diaper changes and the regular everyday events that take place with a child. My boyfriend does an awesome job of making sure my daughter has a clean diaper. Thus test should be for everyone. Not just dads. There are some mothers who need some parenting classes and leave kids in their diapers longer then what some men would.